Is it possible to have a “natural” c-section?

Most women I know who have had a c-section — or two or three — have at least a few regrets about their babies’ births.The common theme is that the c-section was unplanned (as most are) and so none of the plans they had made for their “natural,” i.e. drug free and/or vaginal, birth, happened the way they envisioned.

My writing partner just sent me this video that we both wish we had seen before our c-sections (we’ve had 6 between us). One thing that caught my attention was that after the baby is delivered, the doctor places the baby right on the mom’s chest so they both can take advantage of the skin-to-skin contact that so much research shows is really important for bonding and breastfeeding success.

With this “natural” approach to c-section, the parents get to watch the birth of their child as active participants. The physician also delivers the baby more slowly than is typical and squeezes the baby’s chest (which may help reduce risk of later breathing problems that I wrote about previously).

Be warned: this video shows some pretty intense surgical shots, but it’s AMAZING.

Was your c-section anything like this? If you’re planning to have more babies, would you ask your doctor to do anything you see in this video?


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