Should Women be Allowed to “Choose” a C-section?

There were all sorts of rumors about the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby’s birth last month — like, did you hear the one about how Blue Ivy was actually born via surrogate? And that Beyonce wore a fake bump for most of 2011? (One look at Beyonce in this red dress mere weeks after Blue Ivy’s birth should have put those rumors to rest: those are the breasts of a new mom!) How about the rumor that Beyonce scheduled a c-section for the sake of convenience? She dismissed this one a statement to US Weekly.

But I digress. Rumors like this get people talking about why some women choose to have a Cesarean when there is no medical reason. This topic fires people up! When I was doing research for the book I co-wrote, The Essential C-Section Guide,

I learned that in some countries where a minority of people have private health insurance  — including  Mexico, Chile, Brazil — it’s trendy for women to choose a c-section. It’s actually a status symbol! In this country, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera reportedly scheduled their c-sections. So did Victoria Beckham. The Spice-Girl-turned-fashion-designer reportedly had four scheduled c-sections, hence the nickname for the trend: “Too posh to push.”

In the United States there are some physicians who will do c-sections for the sake of convenience, but it’s pretty rare. For one thing, insurance companies frown on the practice in part because the extended hospital stay makes it so much more expensive.

I’m sure insurance coverage isn’t an issue for the celebs who schedule their baby’s births, but I just can’t imagine volunteering for surgery — even if I had the Grammy or Academy Awards on my calendar!

What do you think? Should c-sections that are not medically necessary be covered by insurance? Should the mode of delivery be a woman’s choice rather than her doctor’s?

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  1. I can’t imagine choosing to be cut. If they need to schedule the birth, why don’t they just have the baby induced? Not that I’m saying that is the right thing to do either, but it’s not as dramatic as surgery. And if I had photographers following me on every beach outing, I’d rather not have a scar. Celebrity is a strange thing!

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