What memories do you have of your baby’s birth?

There are few things that women love more than sharing their birth stories. The good…the bad…the embarrassing. What always trikes me during these inevitable conversations is how unique each story is. Yet how much the stories are all the same.

I read this birth story on the blog Today’s Parent and I was immediately transported back to two of my three birth experiences — the ones that were scheduled c-sections — because this writer so beautifully captures the gamut of emotions that anyone who has ever experienced a c-section has felt. What I really loved is how she is able to focus on the positive –including the look in her partner’s eyes, and in her son’s once he was handed to her — rather than the stress of giving up control during her baby’s birth.

And having a c-section is a lesson in submission. No matter how much advance warning you have, the very nature of having a surgical birth means that you don’t have much say in how the whole experience unfolds.  With the increasing popularity of the “natural” c-section, this is changing a little bit. But the fact remains that during a c-section the doctors and nurses have more control than mom does.

How well do you remember your baby’s birth? Do you remember making a conscious decision to focus on the positive Did you write down any memories of the experience afterward? What is your birth story?

  1. I gave birth over four months ago and I remember every detail perfectly. My only wish would have been to have opened eyes when the baby came out – I really regret not seeing my baby covered in whatever-it-s-called. She went from being out of me to clean and wrapped up in a blanket.

    I would like to write it down some time but I am still too emotional about it to find the right words to express how I felt that day.

    • Dana Sullivan Kilroy said:

      Thanks for commenting! You should try to write down as much as you can remember because — trust me — you will forget some of the details and they are so special!

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