17 Things You Can do to Prepare for a C-Section via @iVillage

One of the reasons that having a c=section was so distressing for me is that I was so unprepared for it. In fact the other day I tweeted that if I were asked for three words to describe my c-section they would be un pre pared.

But I just interviewed an M.D. and a c-section birth doula (who knew they even existed?!) and I learned so much great information that can help reduce some of the stress. 
The slide show is up today on iVillage!

The bottom line: even if your c-section is scheduled for a few days from now — and as long as you’re not on bed rest! — there are a bunch of things you can do to get ready for the experience.

When did you learn you were having a c-section? Did you do anything to prepare for it?

  1. Thank you for this wonderful, preparational guide toward a deeper understanding of c-sections. Cesareans can be an intense and confusing experience for many. However, as women we are able to transform our experience into one of positivity, love and strength.
    Kelly shares her wisdom on evolving ones experience of cesareans to one of harmony and truth!
    Get tuned in here!

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